Last Thursday, was the first 4 Week Still Life Painting Class. A group of six eager  “tweens” and “teens” came to my studio to learn about painting a still life.

If you are from Nova Scotia, you are probably all too familiar with the weather we are experiencing lately. People are complaining that they are experiencing the growth moss or mold on their bodies because of the amount of rain. Any sunny day, we get the added bonus of black flies. Fortunately, still life painting requires the comfort of the indoors. Best to stick with cheerful spring-like colours though, because clearly we all need it to be sunny in the studio.

The practice of drawing is always encouraged in the painting class. It is important to have a sense of how we are to lay out the composition prior to working with the paint. You can use a thumbnail sketch for that, but we do a larger drawing since we are learning about shapes and a little about value. Next week they will start laying out their still life painting by drawing with paint on the canvas.

I look forward to sharing the weekly progress of the work in the upcoming few weeks. There was a pause this week because my own kids and a couple of the students had their junior high spring band concert. It is great that they are interested in all forms of art. The concert was a wonderful time too!


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