It’s Summer and I Love Ice Cream

I love ice cream and I buy it year round. I have some favourites of course as everyone does. It changes over time with flavours of all sorts coming out year after year.

As a child I have fond memories of the Dickey Dee. The bell would ring and all the kids in the neighbourhood would run looking for loose change. I often bought the ghost with the bubble gum eyes. I am not convinced that my children have had as much fun during the summer months even though ice cream is still a big part of their summer fun. There are often ice cream stops after baseball so not so terrible.

I loved the little ice cream cups with original flavours such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry sold with a wooden stick. We can still get these today at ice cream socials at the local elementary schools. I think as a kid they were cheap enough that a few return pop bottles could pay for it at the corner store.

There was also a cool shop that sold ice cream decorated with sprinkles for hair and bubble gum for facial features that opened up when I was about age 10.  To me it seems like a place you would see around in this day and age. I can’t remember if it stayed open long but it was pretty busy while it lasted. The hot summers of Ottawa made us all up for the refreshing treat. I can still remember how delicious the chocolate sprinkles tasted under the partially melted ice cream.


I decided that it in this case, painting is a labour of love. They say write about what you know and love. I think the same holds true for painting. I want to paint all the flavours of ice cream I can as a labour of love. This “Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream” was an early favourite  of mine and one my eldest son calls his favourite. I think he finds the mint refreshing and he really likes chocolate.

As a baby, one of the early words of my vocabulary was “Quince” which translated to ice cream, according to my parents. I called soup “Plute” and I can honestly say that homemade soup is one of my favourite things to this day. I still like the same things. People change over time but some things never change.

As a child my grandmother would take me to “The Bay” near the Byward market in Ottawa. There was a special place in the basement that made delicious malted milkshakes. I have such fond memories of this creamy treat. When I moved to Caribou, Maine I found a place that sold them. In my 8th month during my first pregnancy, I took a rather long and painful walk to satisfy my craving for this sweet treat. Perhaps it is why my son loves ice cream so much. As a teenage boy, he often sneaks it as a snack even though I recommend healthier alternatives. Ice cream was a big part of our time in Maine. We would gather together at my sister-in-law’s home and watch episodes of Survivor and everyone would order my mother-in-law’s favourite sundae: coffee ice cream with butterscotch. I also discovered Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while in Maine. There was one flavour that knocked my socks off: Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. I think they call it Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch now but it is basically ice cream with Skor bar if you are Canadian. As I write this I realize the unending length of my blogging and that there are Skor Bar Blizzards out there which I also enjoy. Hahaha! Also, I am fortunate to tell you all that my summer vacation will include a trip to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop in Waterbury Vermont.

So though this passion for ice cream could go on to include a story about the time I made homemade pumpkin ice cream and the time I bought my boys a toy ice cream maker; I think that is all I will share with you for now. I am hoping to make more ice cream cone paintings in the near future and I will share them here in time.

Thanks for reading! Bye for now!

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