Kim Floyd

Kim Floyd was born in Ottawa, and from an early age she loved drawing and making things. Encouragement from her family helped her attend a local high school with a reputable art programme. She attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University) in Halifax in the 1990s, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a minor in Art History.

Throughout the years, Kim has lived in numerous places including Cape Breton, Sichuan Province in China, and Aroostook County in Maine. She settled in Bedford, Nova Scotia to raise her family. This move marked a return to a province rich with memory and tradition that borders the sea. She returned to the NSCAD campus (attending drawing sessions with a group of fellow artists) and finally  returned to her art practice, spurring participation in solo and numerous group exhibitions in the local area.

Her work now sits in homes across Canada, the United States and in the Middle East.